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The Wander Club
A slight typo haha

I decided to buy this keychain to keep track of places I have gone Geocaching in. I have found caches in Ohio and Indiana already, so I bought those tokens. I also asked for a spare ring to put on tokens for places I haven't been to yet. It gives my family gift ideas since apparently they find it hard to shop for me. Anyway, I opened up my keychain, absolutely love the personalized monogram and also the personalized token! Super great quality!

Fun side note though... I received a token that says India and not Indiana. Lol I'm not even mad about it. It just will be on my second ring until I find geocaches there. Will be ordering again for sure.

Thanks so much for this, Elizabeth. We love that we're part of your Geocaching adventures now! And oh, we'll reach out to you for your Indiana token. You can also email us about it at

The Wander Club
Alyssa Lincoln
The cutest!!

I ordered a bunch of state tokens for where I’ve visited- they came in today and I’m in LOVE. my little brother got me the forest keychain for my birthday this weekend and he showed it off to me today, they’re all so cute. Perfect craftmanship, and a cute little travel reminder. I’ll totally be buying more as I travel more!!

It's great that you just got your collection and left such kind words here. Thanks so much, Alyssa, and yes, we hope to continue crafting for you as you continue traveling!

The Wander Club
Cali Bahrenfuss
Best gift for my traveling family!

We added our 21st National Park token this summer. The keychain was a gift for my husband this year since he’s the travel planner for all of our vacations. Even my two teenage boys thought the idea was pretty cool. It was such a rewarding experience to not only visit the National Park itself, but then add the token to our keychain.
LOVE the idea, LOVE the craftsmanship and LOVE the overall atmosphete of this company. Fan for life!

And we LOVE this review and we LOVE this snap, Cali! It's awesome to see you're traveling with your TWC collection, and we're excited for more of your trips and tokens :)

Starting my collection!

Visited FIVE national parks this year, and wanted a fun way to commemorate the vacation! So glad I came across The Wander Club because now I've been bitten by the adventurer bug and already am planning my next national park trip! Can't wait to collect more tokens!

Welcome to The Wander Club, Hannah! Exciting times ahead as you travel more and commemorate them with your collection with us :)

The Wander Club
Mary King
National Parks Tokens

Loving my National Park tokens and key ring! Forest Green for a Park theme. I have been to 20/63 but still need to purchase 2 tokens after hitting three more parks after my order.

The Green Wanderchain is perfect for your NP collection, Mary. Thanks so much, and we're excited to craft the 2 tokens and more!

The Wander Club
Alexis Ourada
New Charms!!!

So excited to be filling up the keychain!

Your collection looks good and you look good too! Thanks so much, Alexis :)

The Wander Club
Caroline Muth

Love my necklace, get compliments on it all the time!

Thanks so much, Caroline. We hope to continue crafting for you and your collection!


Love my necklace, have gotten so many compliments on it. Everyone wants to know what it is and they all want to get one of their own! Can't wait to expand my collection

Thanks so much for the love, Caroline. We're excited to craft more for you and everyone!

The Wander Club
Destini Turner
Loved it!!

Got this for my fiancé a while back but just got him the two newest parks we went to recently to add to the keychain, he loves it!

Always great to see The Wander Club collection's well-received. Thanks so much, Destini and fiancé!

The Wander Club
RaeJean Sutliff
Love Our Travel Tokens

We are traveling full time in our RV and visiting every National Park and MLB Stadium in the US. The Wander Club tokens are the prefect way to commemorate each adventure. The tokens are a great alternative to expensive souvenirs that get put in a drawer. We like the quality of the tokens and The Wander Clubs customer service is excellent. We enjoy reading the stories of members travels and are able to ask questions of other “Wonderers”. We couldn’t be happier!

Thanks so much, RaeJean! You two are so adorable and your smiles are contagious :) Welcome to The Wander Club and we look forward to you traveling and adding more to your collections.

The Wander Club
Brooke Tobalski

I absolutely love my wander club Keychain. It's perfect to look at and remember all of the places we have gone as a family.

Thanks so much, Brooke! We're glad you love them and here's to more trips and tokens for the fam.

The Wander Club
Abby Robles
Close to home!

Since I'm from Costa Rica I just wanted to have something that reminded me of home so that's why I got this necklace, it's really pretty and its just comfortable as well, not annoying to wear at all.

We love hearing from you, Abby. Thanks so much and we hope you feel close to home with your collection.

The Wander Club
Colette Snyder
Repeat Customer

I love all my tokens and can’t wait to get them for my trips. I show them off like badges of honors.

We're glad you love your collection, Colette! We look forward to you adding more to your badges of honor :)

The Wander Club
Joy Young
My tokens

I can now have another memory of the amazing places I’ve been. I only have a few but here’s to many more.
Thank you Wander Club for this great display of tokens to show others of a way to have that memory

Thanks so much for this, Joy. Yes, here's to many more trips and tokens!

The Wander Club
Joy Young
Mexico Vacation

My family spent a week in Playa del Carmen on vacation. We visited Tulum and Chitchen Itza and it was beautiful. Can’t wait to add more tokens to my holder from all the wonderful places around the world!

Thanks so much, Joy. We can't wait for you to travel and add more too!

The Wander Club
Lindsay Routh
New additions!

I just added my newest tokens and can't wait to add four more National Parks tokens later this year!!

We can't wait too! Thanks so much, Lindsay.

The Wander Club
Barbara VanSpanje
My hero

My son-in-law travels all over the world and I gave him this amazing key chain so he could remember all the amazing places he’s been.

You're a sweet and amazing mother-in-law, Barbara! Here's to more trips and tokens for him to enjoy and commemorate.

The Wander Club
Jasmine Brustkern
Just got my new, full-name tokens!

So excited to have full names on our tokens now! Can’t wait to collect even more! :)

Thanks so much, Jasmine. We can't wait too!

The Wander Club
laura seger
Great gift idea!

Such a fun gift! Can’t wait to add on more adventures!

Awesome to see you with your collection, Laura. Happy traveling and collecting!

The Wander Club
Beverly Bartlow
So Happy!

I am just thrilled with my recent order... I love the start of my little collection that motivates me even more to see all of the beautiful places to wander! Thanks again!

Thanks so much, Beverly! We love seeing you happy with your collection, and here's to your next adventures.

The Wander Club
Carol Clark
Nineteen National Parks!

I was raised in a family that loved to travel, and camping in National Parks was something we did frequently. When I found out about the Wander Club tokens I knew I wanted them. I viewed it as a modern day charm bracelet. Imagine my surprise when I added them up and came up with nineteen parks! Hoping to add more soon!

The Wander Club collection is definitely perfect for you, Carol! Thanks so much and we look forward to craft more for you.

The Wander Club
Jessica P. Graner
National Parks... here we come!

Made a pact this year with a couple of friends and my husband to take a trip to at least one National Park every year. This year's first trip is to Glacier! Was so excited to find these Keychains and perfect little charms to commemorate each trip for all of us. Love it!

Supporting this wonderful quest, Jessica! Thanks so much and we're excited for more of your NP trips and tokens.

The Wander Club
Jasmine Brustkern
Love the Wander Club!

My husband and I took a 2 week road trip after we got married in 2018, and since then traveling has been one of our highest priorities in life! We’re determined to visit every national park, and The Wander Club makes it so fun to track our travels with tokens. Because our first tokens were purchased in 2019, they were the original, abbreviated tokens. We just took another trip a few weeks ago, and I noticed that the tokens we received this time had the full park names written out. I reached out to the customer service team, and they offered me a 70% off coupon code so I could replace all of our old, abbreviated tokens with new, full name tokens! 70% off is SO generous! Amazing customer service. I can’t wait to keep collecting and ordering tokens as we go, and as you can tell from our photo, our Wanderchain travels right along with us :)

Look at that beaut tagging with you in all your travels! We appreciate this review so much, Jasmine. It's awesome you've been collecting since 2018 and still continuing to do so. Here's to more adventures for you and your husband!

A friend gave me a key chain and 3 tokens for my birthday; love them! Great quality and so fun!

I’m sure to enjoy for years and years!
I ordered and added tokens, recently, to remind me of parks and countries I’ve traveled!

Thanks so much for the love, Kay! We look forward to you filling up your collection!

The Wander Club
Lisa Stark Hughes
Best keepsake ever!

I can keep track of all my adventures and keep them with me all the time! It is so exciting to get a new charm to add to my keychain! I love it!
My children have a goal to visit all the Disney Parks all over the world so we had custom ones created by the Wander Club to support their goals.

Thanks so much for the love, Lisa! We're glad to help you commemorate your many travels :) Cheering ya'll on your Disney Park bucket list!