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Love it!!!

I love national parks so this is a really cute way to display which ones I’ve been to. I can’t wait to put it on my travel backpack. The charms are a little hard to get on but I don’t mind that. Once you get them on it’s perfect!

Thanks so much for the love, Alexis! We're happy you're commemorating your many travels with your collection with us and we're excited for you to fill it up!

Just What We Wanted

My friend and I are doing a virtual adventure logging our miles and walking to different destinations! We decided to get these little tokens as gifts to ourselves for reaching national parks! they are a little smaller than expected but it works out perfectly because we are going to make earrings out of them! Thanks for creating this and for doing good and giving back!

Thanks so much to you and your friend, Christine! And earrings, that's a spectacular idea! We'd love to see how they turn out :)

My collection

I LOVE getting new coins for places I’ve traveled!

Yay, Tracey! Thanks so much and we're excited for your future trips and tokens!

Favorite things

My kids got The Wander Club for Christmas one year, and LOVE collecting them!

Beyond Happy Traveler

I received this as a surprise Christmas gift from my husband. I love how it's customized to your preference. I have 2 rings, one for US states and another for national parks & countries.

Wow, thanks so much to you and your husband, Jessica! We're excited to craft more for you soon!

Such a Special Tiny Treasure

I got these to share with a special friend as a reminder of special memories shared!

Wow, thanks so much, Dana! Sweet how you personalized them!

Valentines present for my vlogging husband. He enjoys collecting souvenirs from our trips. A very unique present to give to a loved one especially if they love to travel. Check out our YouTube channel Karina and Mario Adventures to see the trips. :)

Yay, thanks so much, Karina and Mario! We hope it was a memorable Valentine's Day, and we look forward to more trips you will commemorate!

Great gift. Very exciting to give.

Gave this to my traveling daughter for her birthday. She was so excited. I can't wait to keep adding charms to her necklace. Such a unique gift that really speaks to the spirit of the recipient. Great quality, shipped fast, in a nice gift box. Wonderful purchase.

Her reaction's so precious :) Thanks so much, Tom! Happy birthday to your daughter, and we're excited for her to travel more and commemorate those trips!


I'm delighted with my key chain. Looking forward to carrying it and adding to it for the rest of my life!

Thanks so much, Tom! Great to see and hear from you! We can't wait to craft more for you as the years go by :)


I got the keychain and a couple of national park tokens for my husband for Valentine's Day. He LOVED it! Such a unique gift and the keychain is beautiful quality! We'll be exploring more parks to add to his collection. '/

Yay, thanks so much, Mel and husband! We can't wait for ya'll to travel and add more!

Love my keychain

Got my daughters keychains and tokens to keep track of all their international travel. I also bought one for myself and am slowly adding on my tokens. I love the weight of the keychain and the memories it holds. The engraving was great and so glad I splurged and treated myself. Love your products!

Thanks so much for the love, Laurie! We're excited to craft more for you and your daughters!

Not happy at all with most recent order

I ordered a token holder and a bunch of tokens at Christmas for my daughter. It was great. Split in two rings in one token holder. It was really nice and got lots of compliments. Liked it so much ordered a second one that came today. I ordered it the same with states on one ring and countries and continents on another on the same token holder. Came all on one ring with no extra ring to fix it myself. Can’t find the same ring around here and I don’t want to put one on that doesn’t match the first. Need it for a gift by Friday so looks like I have to return the whole thing. If you couldn’t send order as requested you should have called or emailed and not just send something that wasn’t what I ordered

He loves it....

Gave this to my husband and we are looking forward to adding all the tokens we can. #camplife

Aww, so cute! Thanks so much, Lynnell and husband :) And yes, here's to more trips and tokens!

Love my tokens! Adding 3 more today!

The tokens and holder are great - gave this to my husband for Christmas. We added 3 more over the last 2 weeks. Working on completing all the National Parks!

Thanks so much for the love, Karen! You with your collection look so good! We're excited for you and your husband to add more :)

Really enjoyed giving this for Valentine’s Day

My husband and I love to travel and hike, it was so fun to start our collection this year!

Aww, thanks so much for this, Lynn! We hope you have lots of fun traveling and filling up your collection!

My friend loves National Parks

She loved this gift!

Wow, we appreciate this so much, Melissa! We're glad she loves her NP collection!

My friend Jen Keith loves National Parks loved this gift!


So excited to get it to my husband. Going to every national park is on our bucket list

Yay, thanks so much, Tara! We hope you and your husband have lots of fun crossing all the NPs of your bucket list and filling up your collection with us!

Absolutely amazing. My wife and I are big on hiking so now we can add all our spots we visit. Simple to order, affordable, came quickly, and is great quality. Will be ordering many more tokens in the future.

Yay, thanks so much for the kind words, Kendra! We look forward to your future trips and tokens!

The Wander Club
Backpack ready

Clips on my hiking backpack easily ❤️❤️

Yay, thanks so much! We can't wait for you to travel and bring your collection around!

Awesome way to remember the previous National Park trips!

I received this for Christmas and its such a cute and fun way to commemorate the previous National Park trips I’ve gone on and helps me keep count of how many I’ve been to and how many more I have to visit! Cant wait to have a reason to get more medallions!

Wow, thanks so much for this, Cody! What a huge, personal collection you got! We're excited for you to fill it up more :)

Great birthday gift

Was a birthday present , I love it ..28 countries and counting

Thanks so much, Marybeth! We're glad you love it and wow, look at your collection!

Love your stuff!

I gave my friend a keychain and her first token saying, "let's wander", inviting her to join me on trips to see as many National Parks as we can together. I also got myself a keychain so we can use it as a reminder of fun trips shared. I loved this idea as soon as I saw this merchandise. Thanks, Wander Club! We are heading to Alaska in a few months to see our first three National Parks together. So excited!

Thanks so much for the love, Kay! We're also excited about your trip to Alaska and we look forward to ya'll commemorating your first 3 NP trips together soon!

Again highly professional and caring people.

This is my third purchase and the tokens are great, some are custom. Hopefully soon we all can hit the road for the next adventure. The picture, is the latest tokens. You all be safe.

Yay, thanks so much, Sergeant Major D! You too be safe and we're excited for you to travel more and add more to your collection soon!

Wonderful Keepsake

This was a birthday gift + a Christmas gift (additional tokens) for my husband. He immediately put it on his backpack strap. He said this was better than buying postcards or trinket souvenirs.

Yay, thanks so much to you and your husband, Janet! We're glad he likes it, seeing as how he immediately used it. Here's to more trips and tokens for you both!