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Great gift idea!

Such a fun gift! Can’t wait to add on more adventures!

Perfect gift that will continue to give.

I got this after seeing it on IG for my bf as an anniversary gift. He absolutely loved it and thought it was such a sentimental gift. I’m super excited to continue adding the little discs for everywhere we go and whatever milestone we hit. I’d also like to note how EXTREMELY well made these are from the holder to the discs itself. 10/10 will be buying again and again.

Welcome to The Wander Club, Donna and bf! Awesome to know how you're commemorating your many travels together with your TWC collection.

She loved it

Bought this for Mother’s Day for my wife. She knew exactly what it was and even said she has considered giving me one. Was a perfect gift.

Happy Mother's Day to your wife, Brun! We're glad she likes it and we're excited to craft your collection as well :)

So Happy!

I am just thrilled with my recent order... I love the start of my little collection that motivates me even more to see all of the beautiful places to wander! Thanks again!

Thanks so much, Beverly! We love seeing you happy with your collection, and here's to your next adventures.

Nineteen National Parks!

I was raised in a family that loved to travel, and camping in National Parks was something we did frequently. When I found out about the Wander Club tokens I knew I wanted them. I viewed it as a modern day charm bracelet. Imagine my surprise when I added them up and came up with nineteen parks! Hoping to add more soon!

The Wander Club collection is definitely perfect for you, Carol! Thanks so much and we look forward to craft more for you.

National Parks... here we come!

Made a pact this year with a couple of friends and my husband to take a trip to at least one National Park every year. This year's first trip is to Glacier! Was so excited to find these Keychains and perfect little charms to commemorate each trip for all of us. Love it!

Supporting this wonderful quest, Jessica! Thanks so much and we're excited for more of your NP trips and tokens.

Love the Wander Club!

Photo attached

Love the Wander Club!

My husband and I took a 2 week road trip after we got married in 2018, and since then traveling has been one of our highest priorities in life! We’re determined to visit every national park, and The Wander Club makes it so fun to track our travels with tokens. Because our first tokens were purchased in 2019, they were the original, abbreviated tokens. We just took another trip a few weeks ago, and I noticed that the tokens we received this time had the full park names written out. I reached out to the customer service team, and they offered me a 70% off coupon code so I could replace all of our old, abbreviated tokens with new, full name tokens! 70% off is SO generous! Amazing customer service. I can’t wait to keep collecting and ordering tokens as we go, and as you can tell from our photo, our Wanderchain travels right along with us :)

Look at that beaut tagging with you in all your travels! We appreciate this review so much, Jasmine. It's awesome you've been collecting since 2018 and still continuing to do so. Here's to more adventures for you and your husband!

A friend gave me a key chain and 3 tokens for my birthday; love them! Great quality and so fun!

I’m sure to enjoy for years and years!
I ordered and added tokens, recently, to remind me of parks and countries I’ve traveled!

Thanks so much for the love, Kay! We look forward to you filling up your collection!

Best keepsake ever!

I can keep track of all my adventures and keep them with me all the time! It is so exciting to get a new charm to add to my keychain! I love it!
My children have a goal to visit all the Disney Parks all over the world so we had custom ones created by the Wander Club to support their goals.

Thanks so much for the love, Lisa! We're glad to help you commemorate your many travels :) Cheering ya'll on your Disney Park bucket list!

My favorite gift to give!!

I bought my key chain a few years ago, its gone across the USA to Israel and soon Ireland!! Every time I travel with a friend I get them a key chain and a token to commemorate the trip. They love logging in and getting more tokens for their past trips! Thank you for this special company and for giving back in the process. I am a forever customer!

Aww, The Wander Club collection is perfect for you and your friends, Allison! We're excited for everyone's future trips and tokens!

New Charm!!

I love The Wander Club! My girlfriend and I are trying to visit all 50 states, and the charms and keychain from TWC is such a great way for us to keep track and be reminded of our adventures. I love it!!

Wow, thanks so much, Janie! We're excited for you and your girlfriend to conquer all states and commemorate those adventures with your collection with us!


Absolutely love my keychain full of all my wanderings around the world.

Wow, thanks so much, Pam! We love that your love your collection and it's looking so good so far!

So cute!

This keychain makes me happy every time I look at it. I can’t wait to add more tokens!

We're happy you're happy, Erica! Thanks so much and we can't wait too!

Wandering memories

Each of my Wander tokens brings back a memory of a great hike with my dad.

Aww, thanks so much for starting such a special collection, Michele :) We're glad to help you commemorate such precious memories with your dad!

Love looking back!

I have been a fan of The Wander Club for several years. I love the idea of memorializing my trips with little trinkets and this is one that won’t get lost. Love the difference between countries and continents and the quality of the keychain is *chef kiss*! I will definitely be back again to add to my collection once things get back to “normal”. :-)

Thanks so much, Nubia! We totally appreciate this and we definitely can't wait for you to travel and fill up your collection soon!

Love Love Love My Keychain & Tokens

My children rarely find great gifts for Mom, but they hit a home run this Christmas with my personalized keychain with NPS Tokens. Since Christmas, I’ve added two more tokens and find myself dreaming of other great places to wander to!

Thanks so much for the love, love, love, Beth! Your children did well! ;)

New Wanderer

After our 1st hiking trip last month I thought this was a perfect gift for my spouse. I loved the idea of being able to keep track of our memories this way. The Wanderer Club did not disappoint! From the materials to the engraving, The Wanderer Club was a great choice and we will be back often!

Thanks so much for the kind words, Victoria! We're excited for you and your spouse to travel more and fill up your collection!


Absolutely love these, I put them on a chain and wear it as a necklace, just make sure to take it off before showering or getting in water. But love that it has all the countries I’ve been to so far!

Thanks so much for the love, Georgia! We are so amazed with your collection too, you're definitely well-traveled!

Wonderful way to remember trips

My friend got this for me for Christmas and it is SO sweet, I love being able to look at my tokens and be like “Wow that’s right I’ve been there!” and a great conversation starter.

Yes, so sweet of your friend, McKenzie! Thanks so much to you too, we're glad you love your collection!

The Wander Club
Best purchase everr

I'm so happy I came across this product! I bought my self one and it's a great way to remember my trips. I will be buying several more sets for gifts for family. It's the gift that keeps giving.

Aww, thanks so much for this, Lynnette! We're excited for you to continue your collection and to start ones for your family :) Enjoy and stay safe as you travel!

Very fun

Such a fun way remind yourself of good times.

Thanks so much, Jessica! Have lots of fun traveling and collecting!

Hope and Redemption

This was the only thing I wanted for Christmas last year. Covid displaced me so I had to stay with friends all of we the country. I have seen 16 parks since July and found more beauty and life in the passed year. I wear it when I have to do something difficult to remind me that I know what the salt taste like in Death Valley, Hiked Mt. Rainier, drove by myself through Canyonlands with everything I own in my car. To always know that I’m a survivor and the coolest person I’ve ever met. It’s a symbol of bravery and Restoration. Thank you.

Thanks so much, Kaleia! We're really happy to know that your collection is such a special one for your adventures in the past year. We would definitely love to craft more for you, such a strong and cool person!

Finally got myself the tokens!

I've been looking at the Wander Club during the pandemic, looking at the tokens, dreaming of the places I've been and looking forward to going to new places. I finally decided to get my country tokens and am so excited to carry them with me on my future adventures. Such a great way to have your own souvenirs of the places you've seen. Great item to treat yourself to.

Wow, thanks so much and welcome to The Wander Club, Shannon! We're excited for the adventures you'll have and commemorate with your collection!

Latest Arrivals

I LOVE to wander! I saw the tokens a few months ago and thought what a neat way to record my travels (in addition to my journals) and have a quick trip down memory lane as I flip through them. Have a lot of catching up to do LOL so been ordering in batches - always excited to receive my new order and add them to my rings. And I actually learned something new about some of the places I've been as you will hear in the video. I also enjoying belonging to the Wander Club group - great discussions and ideas!

Aww, thanks so much for this, Carolyn! Welcome to the Wander Club :) We can't wait to craft more for you and hear more of your travel stories at our community!