If you’re reading this, that probably means you love to travel!

Part of the fun of traveling for me has always been to collect souvenirs from each place I visited. From handmade mugs, to beautiful paintings, to jars of preserved snakes, to African warrior masks - I collected them all.

But as time went on and I traveled more and collected more, I began to realize that I was just accumulating things...

-Things that were inconvenient to carry during my trip.
-Things that were oftentimes expensive.
-Things that would just take up space back home.

And one day, after taking a hard look at all of my worldly collectibles just sitting in a box in my closet, I decided that there had to be a better way for myself and others to commemorate our adventures.

So I started The Wander Club with one goal in mind...

To create a simple way for you to keep all of your travels in one place.

And after spending months designing the product and sourcing only the most sustainable and ethical materials from around the world, I present to you - the Wanderchain.

The Wanderchain is essentially a keychain version of your passport. But instead of collecting stamps, you collect engraved tokens for every country, US state, or province that you’ve wandered through.

Whether it’s on your backpack, in your car, or in your pocket, you can now easily look back on all of the good (and crazy!) times you had abroad - without having to lug it around or spend a lot of money on it.

And by shopping here, you are also directly helping to feed orphans around the world. For every engraved token you purchase, The Wander Club will donate a meal to an orphan abroad through the help of our non-profit partner, Rice Bowls.

So cheers to you, happy wanderer, and thank you for your support!

 -Kenny Azama; Founder of The Wander Club 


At The Wander Club, we are beyond excited to exclusively use 100% full-grain vegetable-tanned leather from the oldest and best tannery in the USA, Wickett & Craig.

Most of the leather in the world today is produced using extremely harsh chemicals and it is wreaking havoc on our planet.

The vegetable-tanned leather that we use for our products relies solely on plant extracts to develop its strength and beauty, which reduces the negative impact on the environment by ~95%. 

While the process of vegetable tanning leather is extremely labor-intensive and more expensive for us, we wouldn't have it any other way because we strongly believe in raising the demand for more sustainable materials.

Knowing all of this, we are (and hopefully you are too) thoroughly convinced that making Wickett & Craig our leather partner is the best move possible for creating high quality and eco-friendly products and we're thrilled to be collaborating with them.