Caramel Wanderchain (Vegan)

Caramel Wanderchain (Vegan)


Looking for a unique and portable way to commemorate all of your travels? Then you’ll want to pick up this Caramel Wanderchain to hold all of your engraved travel tokens! Along with a beautiful gold deboss, it’s handmade and stitched in the USA with a thick vegan leatherette and the highest quality brass hardware available.

You can easily slide more tokens onto the split ring yourself. Each split ring can hold up to 45 tokens on it and we'll add on a second split ring to hold 45 more tokens if you need it. Keep your travels close and let it serve as a reminder of all the amazing places you've wandered though!

This Wanderchain + engraved tokens also makes for the perfect gift for the travel lover in your life!

*For every order placedThe Wander Club will donate a meal to an orphan abroad with the help of our non-profit partner, Rice Bowls.

Dimensions: 5.75" x 1"

Hardware: Solid brass w/ nickel plating (Louis Vuitton uses this same swivel snap for some of their high end purses)

Material: We use a thick and luxurious vegan leatherette made from a sustainable polyurethane material.

*No two Wanderchains are the same and the material and the foil deboss will vary in texture, shade, and imperfections. This is what makes YOURS unique and beautiful. :)

1. How many engraved tokens fit onto one Wanderchain?

  • You can comfortably fit 40 engraved tokens onto the split ring of a Wanderchain. Anymore than that and we'll add a second split ring onto your Wanderchain so you can fit up to 40 more engraved tokens (for a total of 80 tokens!)

2. Can I add more engraved tokens to my Wanderchain as I travel?

  • Yes! You can add more engraved tokens onto your Wanderchain whenever you'd like. Simply slide them on as if you were sliding keys onto a keychain.

3. How long will it take to receive my order?

  • Because all of our products are handmade, it takes us 4-6 days to handmake and ship out an order. For domestic orders, it takes 3-5 business days for shipping. If it's an international order, it depends on where in the world you are. Please refer to our shipping help center:

Customer Reviews

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Great Family Gift

I bought a key chain and country tokens for myself, my two kids, and my daughter's boyfriend to commemorate trips taken and to encourage new travel. I gave them out as my son (who is in the military) was leaving for his next duty station. I look forward to adding to these keychains every year (My daughter's bf has some catching up to do!)

So creative and unique

Good product and unique- planning on giving as gifts this year

Thanks for the kind words, Katie! We're excited to craft more for you! :)
I am in love with all of them

They exactly what I was looking for. Small enough for me to carry them with me everywhere and every time I look at them it makes me smile .. I love them.

Oh wow, thanks for the love, Isamary! Have fun traveling, collecting and reminiscing! :)

This was great! It was a valentine’s present & it represented every place we have been since being together.

Aww, happy Valentine's Day, Amy! We hope your Valentine appreciates their gift ;)
Fun for travelers and collectors!

I love to travel and love collecting things from my trips to remember and relive the fun! With my tokens i have something with me every day to bring back the memories! I love it!

Yay, thanks so much, Jennifer! Have fun traveling and collecting! :)