The Wander Club

Dated US State Tokens

' Alabama AL
' Alaska AK
' Arizona AZ
' Arkansas AR
' California CA
' Colorado CO
' Connecticut CT
' Delaware DE
' District of Columbia DC
' Florida FL
' Georgia GA
' Hawaii HI
' Idaho ID
' Illinois IL
' Indiana IN
' Iowa IA
' Kansas KS
' Kentucky KY
' Louisiana LA
' Maine ME
' Maryland MD
' Massachusetts MA
' Michigan MI
' Minnesota MN
' Mississippi MS
' Missouri MO
' Montana MT
' Nebraska NE
' Nevada NV
' New Hampshire NH
' New Jersey NJ
' New Mexico NM
' New York NY
' North Carolina NC
' North Dakota ND
' Ohio OH
' Oklahoma OK
' Oregon OR
' Pennsylvania PA
' Rhode Island RI
' South Carolina SC
' South Dakota SD
' Tennessee TN
' Texas TX
' Utah UT
' Vermont VT
' Virginia VA
' Washington WA
' West Virginia WV
' Wisconsin WI
' Wyoming WY

Our Dated US State Tokens are the perfect way to honor the states you've explored and when you did. Simply collect one for each state you've wandered through and add it to your Wanderchain. There's 50 total - how many tokens will you collect?

Or perhaps you're looking for an awesome gift for the travel lover in your life? These engraved tokens will be thoughtful present that your loved one will be able to cherish for the rest of their life. You're sure to be the gift giving winner this year!

A big smile from your recipient is guaranteed or your money back! :)

*For every US State Token purchased, The Wander Club will work with Rice Bowls to donate a meal to an orphaned child. 

    Material: Stainless Steel

    Dimensions: 13mm x 1mm

    Engraving: Each letter on each token is carefully hand engraved and filled in with a special ink for a bolder appearance.

    1. How many engraved tokens fit onto one Wanderchain?

    • You can comfortably fit 40 engraved tokens onto the split ring of a Wanderchain. Anymore than that and we'll add a second split ring onto your Wanderchain for 40 more engraved tokens to fit on.

    2. How many engraved tokens onto one Necklace?

    • It's up to personal preference but most people would add no more than 25 engraved tokens onto a Necklace. Anymore than that, and we would recommend purchasing a second Necklace or a Wanderchain.

    3. Can I add more engraved tokens to my Wanderchain as I travel?

    • Absolutely! You can add more engraved tokens onto your Wanderchain whenever you'd like. You can simply slide them onto your Wanderchain as if you were sliding keys onto a keychain.

    4. How long will it take to receive my order?

    • It takes us 4-6 days to handmake and ship your order out and then 3-5 business days for shipping if in the US and 7-15 business days if outside of the US.

    5. Do you separate Country Tokens from US State Tokens?

    • Yep! We will alphabetize and separate Country Tokens and US State Tokens onto two different split rings on Wanderchains. If you'd like a different ordering, please do let us know in the Order Notes section at checkout.