STEP 1: Collect engraved tokens for every country, US state, or national park that you've wandered through.

STEP 2: Add the tokens to your Wanderchain or Necklace to keep your travels close to you.

STEP 3: Your support helps to feed children who have lost access to food due to the coronavirus.



"I was tired of buying bulky and expensive souvenirs whenever I traveled. I'm so glad I stumbled upon The Wander Club! I can't wait to travel more so that I can add new Country Tokens to my collection!" - Deryn

"I take my engraved country tokens with me everywhere and they are such a great portable reminder of all the places I’ve been. Plus I feel great about the fact that my purchase helps children in need. <3" - Rebecca

"My husband is so hard to shop for but he LOVES his collection of travel tokens! He said this was the most thoughtful gift I've ever given him. I know what I'm buying for all of my friends' presents this year!" - Heather